Bleaching For Face

bleaching treatment for skin


We, Apsaraas beauty parlour has professional staff who carry out bleaching on dark and oily skin and eliminates all your dark spots that actually gives a tedious look and promote bright and clean skin. Bleaching is carried out in a skin friendly manner at our parlour. You can combat against dull skin that is caused due to exposure to pollution and harmful ultraviolet rays by doing bleaching on a regular intervals. Our professional skin care staff will bleach your skin without causing any harm or pain besides enhancing the skin tone.

We carry out different types of bleaches that suit your skin type and eliminates the marks on your face. Bleaching for face is an effective way to turn the color of facial hair to skin color. This is perfect to lighten the facial hair color that is less noticeable instead of removing it through waxing. Bleaching is carried out on upper and lower lips, neck and chin. To carry out bleaching our specialists use chemicals that do not have any side effects.Click Here More Services