Ear, Nose, Body Piercing

 ear piercing process

Info–Ear, Nose, Body Piercing

Once the ear, nose or any part of the body is pierced then you can put your favorite pierced jewelry in that area to get a trendy look. We, apaasara beauty parlour have experienced piercer who pierce the ears, nose, lips, tongue and other body parts without causing any pain to the clients and in a safe and sterile environment as per the individual’s taste and style. We use pre-sterilized needle that is exclusively designed for piercing.

We provide safest piercing services and make your piercing process simple and fun. We ensure that the clients leave the parlour with great satisfaction after a new piercing and educate them about the care to be taken after the piercing process. We assist clients in selecting the right piercing jewelry too. We make the entire piercing process from piercing selection to aftercare like a cakewalk.