Exclusive Manicure Pedicure

Info – Manicure Pedicure

We have ample experience in conditioning the nails and retaining its health and beauty. Our well-trained manicurist will gently massage your hands and then go to each finger to make you feel relaxed. We use natural product to carry out manicure and help our clients to maintain their fingernails clean and healthy. You can choose the manicure from the various options that are offered at our parlour as per your requirements. We trim the nails and apply nail polish after carrying out the manicure to give a classy and clean appearance.

Beside manicure, we are also specialized in doing pedicure to keep your feet look good and healthy. Pedicure melts away the stress, prevents nail diseases, removes the dead skin, boost the health of the foot muscles and soothe the nerves. You can choose the pedicure that best suits your needs to boost the appearance of your feet and nails. Click Here More Services